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Reviews for "Nekid Perzpektive"


Really good. Hot too!

Tootmania responds:



big butt, lol!

Tootmania responds:

It's not THAT big.... I think...


This is pretty good. I like the swirly & everything.

Why are the ears detached?

Tootmania responds:

I just think it looks cool is all.

And thanks for commenting!

Looks tastey o.o

Very sexy! The style is a little odd from what I'm used to seeing but it works! Your cleanup work looks about flawless and very crisp! Nice use of lighting as well. =] Why are her ears seperated from her head though? Signature style? The only thing that bothers me is the perspective that goes from her elbows to hands and that it seems she has big golem forearms. o_O;

However, I'll still give this a 10. Goodjob. ;)

Tootmania responds:

Yeah, I like making my characters ears and noses float... I think it looks awesome!

And thanks much for the kind words!