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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Metropolis: Presidential Treatment - Free & Full"

I like MNF games, I've come to expect such high quality content as this from the name. Sometimes the stories seem a little left field, but this one is breathtaking in how it really hits the nail on the head about how crazy things are right now in the world (the things people are getting away with), rather as a metaphor, or as a satirical piece. It plays off as a visual sim (and is appropriatly tagged as such), so certain things are to be expected: gameplay wise (although, some might consider the game to be a shooter, if you're playing with one hand). Also, I loved the artwork, the tiny hands on dump were laughable, you'd have to have cancer in the head to not find that funny. At the end of the day it's MNF, so we know what we're walking into on delivery, even still this is pretty hilarious stuff. Keep up the fantastic work.

Honestly I used to love MNF games. This one feels so boring uninspired like it came from 2008.
I mean why even do a political satire at this point its just cancerous. Event the artwork in some of your later games was better and you had sooo many more options this was just hit easy medium and hard and then cum. Honestly I can't really give this a good rating.

finally some quality content :)

finnaly a good game from you again