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Reviews for "Sexy Ninja Romance 3 [Futa X Female & Male X Female]"

Raikage.... Really? Aren't we a bit past the whole naruto thing...

Good animation all around, sound effects were on point, and the story wasn't the worst I've ever seen.
Also, infected mushroom.

Raikage is going to cost you some points though.

Zer0-3D responds:

Haha that's fair, the original story by the client involved a different cast (that you could probably take a guess at) but we ended up changing around elements for various reasons but just kinda ended up keeping the name since it sounded like a big dude name anyway :P

Was that...was that song from infected mushrooms?!
Welp, it was a great animation, not that many orgasms sadly, but still pretty good.
That foot job ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Quantity over quality I suppose. But infected mushroom is nice nontheless