Reviews for "[Bass Thumper g-R]"

Excellent work!

I really like this song. Punchy rhythm, sliding lead, gotta love it... The portamento-sorta sliding sound on the lead instrument was really nice, too bad you had to drop it for the high octave on the refrain. Good break in the middle of the song, gave a moment's rest, I like the cadence running through the song, especially because it's so fractured and broken-up but still holds it together really well.

Awesome job, man!


i like it man~!


now i have music to listen to while im in the toilet... bass induces bladder movement.

8/10. it would have been 10/10 if deaf people could hear it too. but it cant. you failed in that area. shame on you.


IDK if this is a serious song or not, but it's ripping my poor speakers apart. It's pretty cool, but way over the top. Gave me a good laugh. But I shall sue you for $10, the speakers that shall never play music again. LOL.


not really my bag of chips the bass didnt really have a smooth sound to it but im sure that there is someone out there going this is the best ever.