Reviews for "{dj-N} Listen to Your Heart RM"


i dont know man i think the sound quality is good but the song isnt top notch but there were many good sound within, not bad overall.

not the best...

Its not as good as the other ones but it rocks anyways.


Another nice trance track by DJ-N. This isn't your best work but it was still pretty good. A little annoying after a while but overall it is a good song.



I was on my way to Monster Massive this year, and I heard your tunes in the car I was in and my friends were like, "Yeah, you should check this kid out, he's amazing." So I am, and you are indeed amazing sir. I have to say though, you have quite the little fan base in So Cal. We crave your awesome tunes, and you keep producin them. Thanks, and best wishes. You rock.

nothing like a ReMix

Sick, I think this is one of the few RM I likes

Keep it up, Respect.