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Reviews for "GENTLES"

Wow this is actually fucking great dude, the dialouge, sound design and voices killed me and I love the visual style. You knocked it out of the park, this raised my expectations of what people can make for animation jams honestly, amazing work to all of you!!

That dog is the average newgrounds user.

Horny dog

I couldn't stop smiling after Gentles started doing his thing.
The beginning was what you would expect until you got hit with the unexpected. A vague description can lead to any number of things happening within the events. This was taken in the least predicted direction which makes it one of the best ways you could have taken it. Innuendo is a useful thing if not abused. By taking the plot from "Talking Dog wants dog porn" to "Dog finds purpose and is a guest on Jimmy Fallon's talk show" is something i found to be unpredictable halfway through. Upon realizing he can spit hot lyrical fire, i figured you would bring things around full circle.
Nostalgic Joke, Naughty Dog, Finding Purpose, Jimmy Fallon.
What more could you ask for in a short cartoon?
BTW i didnt go 5 stars because ive been a fan of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson until he stopped doing it, so most other late night talk shows just don't do it for me. But thats more of a personal opinion than legit critique, yet you get a good score from me so that's great!

very funny cartoon about a talking dog (i know, what an "out there" idea) this cartoon must be seen to be believed...