Reviews for "Kirby Guardian Ep1: A gift for Adeleine"

Amazing work !

Lovin Demonic Kirby

Just an incredible video. Great animation, artwork, everything. 10/5

Following, I look forward to your next videos :)

KimiOmega responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words!

the kirbys are so cute 10/10 for both the kirbys and Adeleine i cant wait for more kirby guardian and also did you know that kirby guardian is the animation of the hit kirby game kirby mass attack for the ds

Priscilla: Seriously? Those little puffballs call Adeleine"Mommy"? She didn't give birth to them.
Lumina: Actually, they called her that because she watches over them.
Priscilla: Oh. Like, I'm SO sorry. Must be confused.