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Reviews for "Soldier Jools"

The fact that I can't walk one way and shoot another is a game breaker for me.

NickUrs responds:

Hey, this is not a glitch. In this game you can shoot only on your walk vector. But, maybe I will change this in update.

Good job ^_^
Nice first game with a soul :)

NickUrs responds:

Thanks, it was the first game in solo developing 😉

Somehow cool but please change the color of the character because it blends on the grass and other players will have hard time disguising the color if they are color blind or something.

Also, there's a small bug in controls sometimes if you are near the walls the character doesn't move like there's an invisible barrier. I also hope that the character can shoot diagonally not just front, back and on the sides. Because you need to face the enemies before you can kill them.

NickUrs responds:

Thanks for the remarks. The glitch with controls and collision on tilemap is fixed

Not bad for a first game, buddy :)