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Reviews for "40 IN 30- A PAPA JOHNS TALE"

heed thee to me listen to him not for the pizza god is false. in judgment day its the flying spaghetti deity who will judge thee not the blasphemous filth of cheese and crust. sauce and pasta will be the true cornerstone of this Utopian future not cheese and crust. so many will suffer upon the falseness of this abomination and lead astray... so many will parish in the pits of KFC's disgusting fried inferno where the worms shall not die and the rats shall thrive. this is my final warning... fare thee well and may the spaghetti god have mercy on your soul

The animation is always nice but your writing is getting a bit predictable as I'm always expecting something gross or a character acting in a crazy and/or horrible way with said character doing the same over dramatic voice. It would be refreshing to see you challenge yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone.

meatcanyon responds:

While I agree that my toons have a very formulaic rhythm, I would argue that the context for this, given the source material it came from, fits.Also its fun doing the voice and my audience seems to enjoy it. That being said I do agree that I want to branch out and approach these Horror Comedies from a different angle. I am trying to grow in the area of writing and voice acting for sure. I appreciate the comment bud.

The trumpet blare when he said that Gabriel’s trumpet was playing was a brilliant touch.

I've been waiting for this to be meme'd. Only way it could've been better is if it had taken a demonic turn

Excellent rendering. Noticeably damp. I love how one of the main joke is the juxtaposition between the very verbose dialogue and the grotesque design. It's a running theme in your stuff that never fails to crack me up.