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Reviews for "-Run or Die-"

I like the energy. It’s a catchy and fun piece. I recognize the sample at :04 - I think Waterflame has used it in something? The beat could be a little more distinct - I’d suggest using some stereo widening techniques to really make it sound as crisp and clean as possible, and definitely equalizing and compression if you haven’t already. The melodies at 1:32 are really cool. I think this piece has a lot of variety, and the pace is also pretty fast. Be careful not to make the piece move so fast that it’s either jarring to the listener or the piece moves too fast that it has no coherence. You were on the verge of doing so here. I can clearly hear you’ve picked up Waterflame’s knack for creating music with really bizarre structures. Nice work with the instrumentation and energy/mood, though. The structure and variety are my main concerns. Otherwise, solid piece. ;)


PredatorMusic responds:

Aww yeah, I always wanted a constructive review of my tracks!!

Well, I use the VEC sounds pack a lot, guess that is one of my problems when doing a track, I always use those vocal loops but im trying to prevent that becuase it really sounds so... "Non profesional" and very repetitive. Yeah, I used a very common drum sequence, and I guess I needed to variate more on that too! I always try to master my tracks as much as possible, but I really don't know how to do it the right way, I should look up for it so my tracks wont sound too crapy :/
Yep, definitely my inspiration, I admire him a lot but I am trying to find my own style, because I know my melodies and bass rifts sound so similar to his oldish music, that is an issue I have always fight with.

And, really really thank you! I feel like im the roockie of the NGADM and its great to be in! Im learning of my errors and this is a great opportunity to get people to listen my music and of course, to improve as a musician!!