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Reviews for "PARTY GAMES"

Awesome video and easily my favourite Derpixon video! Love the longer ones and I feel I makes them way hotter! Only criticism was I wasn't a huge fan of fiona, reminded me of Panda from we bare bears too much... otherwise epic and will be anticipating your next one!

Personally, I find myself torn. In the technical aspects of this, you did some amazing work. The animation was excellent, good music selection, and the voice actresses did their job very well. But... I do not like Sunny. I can objectively appreciate the demon-girl turn, but not when it's against a sweet girl like Fiona who did nothing wrong. It doesn't help matters that I don't like seeing others get picked on. More and more, I find myself caught in the plight of the otaku: stuck somewhere between lust and a bleeding heart.

Personal problem aside, you have something good here, but perhaps consider doing something a little different for the next one. Don't get me wrong, I still like your work, and I look forward to the next animation.

so do you plan on adding a scene viewer much like you did with fandel tales or will it just be the video?

the music in the background sounds like caillou

This was really good and the voice acting was fantastic, but no DP and only 1 creampie? 4 stars