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Reviews for "PARTY GAMES"

Cuando pensas que las animaciones no pueden mejorar mas. Llega otra animacion mejor que la anterior. Excelente. Muy buena animacion con muy buenas actuaciones de voz. 5 stars.

Another brilliant masterpiece. I look forward to your works alongside other high quality animators (to include Studio FOW. Nice shit that you rank as good as a damn STUDIO XD)

just became a patreon for this. i was considering it after i saw some work on the hub, debating it after i saw F-tales and this seals the deal. if i had the 15G's id gladly give that, but my $10 will have to do!

Why is all the stuff you make so godlike?

Extremely good animation. Great storytelling! Great use of humor and buildup.

And obviously.. very hot.

Absolutely amazing! ;O;