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Reviews for "Tinkerbell - Tease"


Oh so this was first. Well damn. I love this too. My favorite part is how she gently kisses it. And the way it immediately stands up... I know it was done for comedic value of hitting her and it was great, but I'm sure she'd make me rise that quickly and with as much force. I'm into Succubi and they always say sex with the supernatural is better than humans. Once you taste sex with a demon you cant go back. I assume such is the same with a pixie. I bet Tinkerbell would squirt like a regular female would, but this also makes me wonder... what if she squirted pixie dust. I think other pixies are hot too in Pixie Hollow such as Vidia, Rosetta and Silvermist, but no one's hotter than Tink! Periwinkle is adorable too. Tinkerbell rode it so well here. Nice cute ass. I just dont see how anyone could look at that adorable little ass and not want to lick it endlessly.

her eyelashes clip through her cheeks when she blinks.

This is a really strange combination of arousal and hilarity

More Tinkerbell please