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Reviews for "Crimson Keep Chapter 2"


love it

This is a big step up from Chapter 2. More scenery- and it's even more animated! Can't tell you how freeing it is to feel like you're headed someplace other than "Room A, Room B". I'm not a fan of the railsy questline, but it's a significant improvement on the entry installment.

There's a lot more art in this, don't let the window count in the gallery fool you. The first example of the scrolling sex scenes of this series appears this chapter, and it's...props, man. I'm in this for game first, porn second, but it's good stuff.

We get to try out the Covenant system in conjunction with combat. You're only really fighting two different enemies- three if you count the gimme, but you really don't have a chance to counter that. However, it's enough to cut your teeth on.

The following chapter gives you a lot more opportunity to play with builds and counterbuilds, especially with the addition of stat upgrades and "trinkets" to boost your toon. Everything's being introduced at an easy pace so even the casual player can get used to all the big, fleshy system intro's worked so hard on. It's some nifty shit, when all's said and done.

I'm continuing to grind away, but again I haven't found a ceiling in this chapter. I shouldn't have spent as long a time on this as I had the prior one, but I did a st00pid with my browser and basically had to start from scratch. Better to grind in this chapter, honestly, since the experience falloff isn't nearly so harsh (neither 1 nor 2 adjust, but it's inhumane to farm Fire Imps when there are endless hordes of Steam mooks to fry). The result of 2 afternoons is here:


Laugh all you want, Chapter 3's still not gonna be a cakewalk. Even if you stock up on cheesecake, in fact. Also, appy-polly-lodges about the junk in the inventory; just thought my ponderous stockpile of glittering scales might prove amusing (they're basically worthless in C.3 btw- feel free to make the trek, but you'll get maybe 600 bits for the bunch).

Anyways, happy hunting!

I keep getting Lux down to 1 hp, but she wont die and she cant be tempted. whats up? other than that, very fun and hot!

introspurt responds:

just keep tempting. She'll fall eventually.

yeah my code doesn't work for some reason here's it at in case i fudged it some where
other wise great fucking game keep going.