Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

wow that was deep

im not sure exactly what you were aiming for, but i think it was pretty much in the range of what the affects of depression are on the human mind. I was reminded most of this by the girl thoughts, mainly of the grim reaper pushing her of the cliff, giving me the impression of thoughts of suicide. however, i sense there was something else that you were trying to portray as well. if you even look at this anymore, please give me a response and tell me what it was.

other than that, it was one of the best flashes I'd ever seen. good job and keep at it.

Very good

I loved it, really clever and the 'plot' works well- in that it doesnt just finish, the ending is rad.


I didn't really understand, but I thought it was ok.


good...but not that good, yet me being a dumbass drug addict, i barely find anything lame, but i honestly didnt find this video very appealing, sorry :P

Holy Fucking Shit!

That was freakin' heavy, man. it was so...i mean...god damn! This is easily the one of, if not THE, best "edgy" kind of cartoon on the net. It's not a cartoon. It's Short Animated Motion Picture glory!