Reviews for ""Tribute" - Teen Titans"

I'm hoping for a second part

Love it, will there be a part 2?

Excellent tribute and excellent work!!
Well done!!

I loved it and raven

Tribute eh? This could go in several directions xP
Well, lets see how this one holds up.

Style and anatomy seems pretty solid. Robin seems slightly less polish in some scenes though.
The detail as a whole seems to watch rather well. So good job on that. Music is... it works. Not the most fitting, but not really bad. Sound is good.

Raven's hair seems to defy gravity at times. Her flesh color seems alright as well.
It's a bit less rape to really be a tribute to Zone technically, but xP
Bit lazy to not include a climax for Raven. Along with OOC. Robin's was okay though.
Starfire was also a bit half-assed tbh. She's implied to be aroused with the nipples. Yet, she is shown to be flaccid downstairs. And I can say the loli vag doesn't help on her.

Overall though, it's quite solid. Still manages to be decent as a whole.