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Reviews for "Oppaimon Loveru Hotel! CG Demos"

Wartortly has a broken right leg. Otherwise good work.

Edit: I would also add some logs to poor vulvysaur :)

Impresive as always, good work :)
I just had a question on how you evolve your oppaimon in the actual game
I don't seem to know how

If you click too fast, you stop the Oppaimon from coming fully into the frame of the screen. Are is fantastic and the animations are nice, but I think they could be a little better if they did more than just speed up. Keep up the good work!

"His mouth feels pretty wet and warm"
NANI!?!?! trap?

Decent game can't wait for the new version.

WitchNightoStudio responds:

OMG you're right! Translation mistake! xD

check the public pc version youre offering for dowload on your patreon -.-
you said the downloadable pc version lets you save, not only i was not able to save
but its laggy as hell, crashed 6 times before getting to the initial pokemons (even on a decent, well kept pc like mine), and in the FIRST battle theres already a glitch in wich the "charmander" is replaced by an "ivysaur" and it doesnt let you do anything, not fight, not run, no nothing, just close the game.

hopefully the bad rating brings the dev's attention to this issue

WitchNightoStudio responds:

I really don't understand, you're the first and only person we got that mistake from. It's definitely more about your computer than the game. We are always on the lookout for errors and spend days solving them so that the gaming experience is the best.