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Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"


That was the best... er, mixture of games I've played in a long time. The second play through with the magic stick was even harder while fighting those new enemies; they made Death Adder seem like a total wuss (though he already was).

Now I'm on my third play through to see if there's another magic stick!


Dig dug rules!!!! Good game. Everything was good. Don't listen to the last asshole reviewer. He doesn't understand that all the old nintendo, sega, and arcade characters we grew up with are cool. Powerpuff girls were great enemies.

Best game ever!!!

But damn those red guys are hard!

This kicked soooo much ass

This is my absolute favorite game on NG!!!! I've never enjoyed a game on here this much keep em coming!!

LOL pet dragon-bot and penguin armada!

LOL this game is awsome! This shit's gotto get to the arcade shops and people should play it for money! I couldn't get past the puff girls after the penguin armada but that's probably because I suck x(. Oh well, great work!