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Reviews for "Vietnam War in clay"

A year after my last visit to Newgrounds, and this is the first thing I come back to.
Can't say it enough. You blow my mind with this awesomeness.

A little bit of extra voice acting like you had in this video and videos roughly this long would net you guys a 5/5 every time. You've got the skill to make some of the best content on Newgrounds, with a little practice, and that's not something I say lightly. I know this is an older one, but I'm looking forward to more that you guys put out going forward.

Claymation is woefully underutilised, on NG and in general, so I'm glad to see it get used for something this entertaining.

it's like MAD but better

Very good guys. Great effort.

A very simple concept executed beautifully! Charming, well-paced, and not overwhelmingly explicit. Incredibly smooth and detailed for such a minimal setup, especially the lip-syncing.