Reviews for "Creo - Nemophore"

Nice work Creo/Hyperdemented this is a really cool song!! :D

My favorite! i love it

Probably my 2nd favorite from you, next to Ahead Of The Curve, but I love the vibe from this, kinda reminds me of Gravity Falls a bit to be honest. It sounds good, and I would listen to this over any other song right now. I know its late, but still, amazing work, Creo. ;)

CreoMusic responds:

Never too late to leave a genuine comment, thanks a lot! :)

Back at it again Creo :) I know im like... you know... late... but I jsut recently discovered your songs and youre my favorite producer as of right now :) From you, this is either my favorite or 2nd favorite, same with Rivals :) I love your songs a lot, and would definitely only give you a good rating. You never fail to dissapoint! Btw, maybe try making a Trance song? It would be awesome from you! :)

Stunning!, I've been listening to you a lot recently and this is honestly my favorite song from you, Keep it up!