Reviews for "DFD Ch17"

Excellent content like usual. I'll hate it when this story ends

I like the story, artwork etc, and have been following the series. My one complaint is that I absolutely hate that the fade-in-fade-out transitions are unskipable. It makes it very frustrating to skip over parts I've already read through. Similarly, I'd like it if clicking whilst fast forwarding stops the fast forward rather than having to zoom all the way to the next choice.

Damm. I Must Admit Cant Wait The Next Episode. I Still Remember When The Episode 1 and 2 Came Out, I Have Bying Since That Enjoying The Story. Keep Up The Good Work

the long wait is always worth it, perfect as always :D

The art style looks off. The story is all heavy, but the music doesn't fit. And Mortelli's naked body would be funnier if it hadn't been spoiled in last episode.