Reviews for "Charly Garcia´s Epic Jump"

It's funny and cute. I like it. I mean yep.

Funny game.

Well, that was rather odd. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be a lot longer than that. Well, maybe it was meant to be realistic. Of course, you still wouldn't fall down that slowly. It wasn't one of your better games.

Well, I got some easy medals! Speaking of medals, it did remind me of the Olympics. I never heard about this guy before. I always want to learn about famous people in other countries. We don't know much about Argentina.

¡¡Buenísimo che!!

Mil gracias, la verdad nunca esperé encontrar un juego del gran Charly.

P.D.: Tremendo todo!!

I really liked this too! The art style was wacky but it owned itself. Kinda reminded me of the adult swim cartoon "Home Movies". I loved the over the top ending too. Perfect little short game.