Reviews for "MiniGiants.io"

The game is frustratingly bad, Half of the time people just camp at where i spawn and kill me, and when that is not happening, it is very unfair, I do like the running mechanic but it still dosent quite tickle my fancy. Try adding a more balanced system.

This is fun, but has some strategic downsides compared to other IO games. Both low-level and high-level opponents give the same XP, which incentivizes attacking the newly-spawned and doesn't reward taking down opponents some 10 levels higher than you. The amount of field you can see is very disproportional to the swing arm of higher-level opponents, so that you can get randomly killed without warning. The play field is also very small. Another comment is that because of characters can spin around instantly, there's no advantage to flanking opponents or other tactics. Finally, the amount of time you have to play to get decent leveling is way too long.

its fun but i don't think it's online right? it's just seems like it would be a lot funner with other actual players, it gets boring after you reach lvl 20 and once your there for like 2 hours it's just endless patterns of the same ai movements.

Nice. One thing to note: The screen size is a bit too big, causing me not to be able to see all of the game screen at once. Perhaps scale the screen size down?

Cheers, Sheep.

Great game,the different types of equipments and characters really hook you in,after a while,it's like a endless treasure hunt you never want to end