Reviews for "The Pumpkin Story"

wow i almost missed this one. Great job!

Funny and a little bit scary!

Yup, won me over by the end. Nice animation and story, although one thing I will say is that as a slight criticism, there were 2 parts which dragged on a bit, for example, when the killer gets hit, and the spider comes down..the length of silence before the spider says 'yowser' was a bit long, and after said spider said yowser, scene dragged on a bit longer than necessary but it's a minor detail. What I am trying to say is that there are a few of these instances which, if edited/ cut properly, would of made the story flow more easily, but tbh I'm clutching at straws here.

One other thing I would of included maybe..? Some sound when pumpkin is just looking at the blood flowing towards him. Awkward silence if that makes sense. Solid 4/5 :)

Johnopotamus responds:

I'm glad you liked this! And THANK YOU for the feedback. I also received a few comments about these awkward silences. I just updated the video with cuts to the pauses plus a few additional details. I hope this makes it more enjoyable for everyone now!!!

Nice.. Funny, a little scary, also a story that has a cohesive ending instead of a BS one.

the story is cute, funny, and strangely heartwarming.

Also the dead pauses are prob the one thing that needs most work on o.o; a bit too long.

Johnopotamus responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I started having the same thought... might actually update the video with the pauses cut down soon.