Reviews for "Blue Omen: Lewd and Crude"

The sounds on this animation are "crushed" enough to really give this coitus a nice, retro feel that compliments the sprite work. You can practically see the health bars and experience gain.

As an unintended consequence, the consistency of most of the details does make the classic record scratch sound effect sound out of place.

Still, the artwork and animation do give off pleasant, old-time vibes that you don't see captured like this in NSFW animations. I appreciate the detail put into it.

The game would that be only this or is it involving more?, the public release. It looks good, but it would be not enough for me to download it.

ok now that is funny as hell but the bat needs work done to make it better but its still good and I love it so even if it is short so 4.5/5 stars

would like to see more scenes if possible feel like the game is too short

My left ear had a pretty orgasmic experience not gonna lie