Reviews for "Psycho-Analyze Me, Please"

Well done keep up the good work

No no no no no. It can't be over I'm gonna miss this show a lot =(

This was another good one! It felt shorter but it was certainly funny. I won't describe every single joke I liked, since that's repetitive and boring. I'll just say the dynamic was great in this one again and the jokes were funny. Just one thing that seemed off to me was Kirsten woah-ing along with Skylar when Kelly sorta yelled but not really. It did fit Skylar and it would have fit Kelly if he was on that side of the discussion. I also did learn something new about Kelly. He likes bringing scary strangers home. Love the message he derived from it all as well.

Ew, Bright!

they haven't gotten far enough. it doesn't have to be on his My List either. it'll just show up on his TBC list. Kelly's a bronie, isn't he? that would explain so many things. (even the getting high and random strangers thing.)

anyway, keep it up.