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Reviews for "When You Need A Helmet"

after watching the video I read the description and suddenly most of it makes sense. I loved how you managed to tell the story with the camera angles and the "body language" of the hitch hiker and the 4 wheeled lizard.

I also liked what you used for the sky. I'm not sure if that was tin foil above a black light, but it was a very creative use to emulate a "moving sky".

dope music video.

All of this a stopmotion world! :O SO impressive. Seemed the scrolling bit goes through the same scenery a bit in the beginning, or maybe I'm just hoping it does because with that detailed scenery you'd best be using some repeat trick to get as much out of it as possible... the scenery gets simplier as it goes, but still all so impressive, and a psychedelic, old-looking end at the end. Love the music and how it builds up. Love how the repetition becomes a part of it. Love everything about this really! Experimental but catchy; with plenty of creative flare, a time of adventure in what seems like a dull and dystopian world otherwise. Good trip.


Great work on this. Some very imaginative scenery and creatures in it. The last 3rd though seemed to lack that spark though. But overall an impressive effort.

That was different! Conceptual, bizarre. Love the detailed landscapes and the music was great. ^_^

Wow amazing

Wow this was some really amazing work the "VISUAL" alone is intense with these machines rolling around, and the "MUSIC" played a good role into this, a very nice film indeed, So as I do start this one up there could be additional details here and there, but you did have a good Entertainment level, and Surprisingly enough it was certainly a win to start off with.

Make more of these for sure especially with all the effects.