Reviews for "Castle Smasher: Mystic Conquest (FINAL DEMO)"

I dont really understand any of the user interface and the game was a bit confusing.
But i kinda lasered trough a couple of levels.

Its just like the retro game where you need to clear out bricks with a marble... but the instructions are way more confusing.

keolamation responds:

really not sure how to feel because last time people just complained I gave unnecessary instructions and they were smart enough to understand without a "useless" tutorial they didn't need so, I took it mostly out. Now, people complain they can't understand.. Can't win.. And that folks is why game development has become a compress yolk machine of the same shit every year. Cause people are fussy (nothing against you personally) just my god, I ask for patreons because I would LOVE creative input before I commit to something like this and THIS ends up happening but no, people want everything for free and then even after someones worked on something on and off for months even the "free" thing isn't good enough. smh...

Game breaking bug not even a few seconds in the ball got stuck in the bottom left corner and wouldn't move anymore.

This game doesn't work after your stupid soliloquy about getting money to finish the game. Good luck with that

Breakout clone that's... supposed to be a castle smashing game? There's nothing special about the theme and nothing special about the engine. It's just a starting engine, barely noticable sound effects, and no music. Rethink why you're making a breakout game. What's supposed to be special about it? Why would I play this over something like Slam?