Reviews for "CIVILIZATOR"

Jogo foda recomendo

I really love this game! I mean the food thing was a little tedious but that seemed to be the only problem! I ended up getting to the future in the 1950's so I think I might have just created the entire Fallout universe by accident!

Discovered the civilization USA in the year -100 (aka 100 BC or 100 BCE)
Best relations with that country, never having to give them presents, attempting to slaughter the rest
Type of government Communism

Wasn't able to slaughter one of the armies though, despite having more than thrice the military yet whenever the enemy military would get low in numbers somehow they'd exponential multiply like crazy the next round. Somehow lost fighting them despite a greater than 3x initial advantage. Shenanigans!

Totally historically accurate. :-)

Not really sure what gives you points or what determines "Wonderful Leader" status.

I got one small problem why does food always is negative does it matter?
Other than that amazing game

I've got to say, this game has become more and more interesting as I play it. A lot of replay value to figure out what strategy works best for you. Replay value, of course, is what almost every game maker out there hopes for! You get top marks for getting me to play for 3 hours straight without ever being bored, and when done, looking forward to my next playthrough! Bravo!