Reviews for "each.day.is.a.blessing E03"

Woah... The subtleties you put in the animation. And the atmosphere. Woah. I like the lack of a soundtrack as well, very nice sound design. I gotta watch the others now, this was the first one I saw, lol.

As great as the first two! Though provoking and just looks fantastic. Really good stuff here.

Awesome but so melancholic.
Is is it the end of the series then ?
Our protagonist is doomed and I don't know what his contamined(dead?) daughter meant by "what is necessary".

Very good work once more.
May I ask you to PM me for a short explanation of the series ?
Thanks a lot that would be very nice.

This is simply so... Dreadful. You did a great job, as with the the entire series. It's deep, thought-provoking and exquisitely animated when you consider it's from 2001.

I hope to see more from you. If this is your standard, I cannot wait for what else you've come up with during all this time.

Thank you.

...ive tried to say something profound..but i cant.

i dont know what to say other than that this has been one of the greatest stories i have beared witness to