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Reviews for "FFXV: Booty of the First King"

This animation gave me cancer.

At first I thought this was a serious attempt on a new anime series on newgrounds.
But then...those faces... the booty... and scooby doo.

Great 2D animation.
Style reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan.

Very nice:)

Doctors should dissect your brain after you die.

And then... it ends! It was really getting exciting there, flashback made it feel like maybe I've seen something related to this some time before hmm... but the randmoness of it otherwise makes me question if there's any possible continuity involved. Loved every bit of it though. So brutal; so inconsistent; so awesomely animated! And voiced. Bloody, brilliant; glorious battle, with the oddest main character combo possible. Awesome work.


Th... that continuity...
Narmak I fucking love you.