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Reviews for "'Antenna-Twisting Bug-Band'"

An almost perfect loop with bug band tunes! :D Digging the wonky, tribal-like; rythm. Smooth animalation too! About the sounds: wouldn't it be awesome if they all really were based on the sounds of BUGS! With a little extra filtering and effect to get the right tones and stuff. Might require some pretty serious recording equipment though... good stuff.


Butzbo responds:

Yeah I liked how 'tribal' it came about at the end, hhehheh; Some real bug sounds would actually be interesting to work with, there's probably a good bunch of them I'm not so aware of, beyond good old crickets.

Great Band 5 stars ;D

4/5 Catchy, and your animation style still amazes me.

This is a catchy loop, and your bugs are delightfully energetic.