Reviews for "Madness Zombies"

zombie mode is fine

this game is ok

Great game!!! Except for one problem the game dont got music , and also the game is a bit slow.

Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:

thanks, there's music in options.

So I played a bit and I can say, Nice effort, not the best but a 4 stars game.
There are other games rated 4 stars and I really, really think they are not deserving. This game does. Now the part I cut away a star is how slow it is. I love the fact that it has badges and it's a nice game. This is a playable, time killing game in spare time.

I might even download the game because I want to show my friends at school how good of a game this is. I can't even make a map! That's how bad I am. I want to make a game but can't because of laziness.

Summary: Good effort, keep working hard and make better and better games. Hope the best on your journey.

Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it, It does suck that it plays slow here.. the download does fix this issue tho. Hopefully one day i'll make a game that gets a 4 star rating

It's a decent time waster for the first time, upgrading the weapons isn't really hard and once you've unlocked that it, wouldn't have minded a few color schemes for the weapons though (because later in the game you get to much money after all the unlocks and there's nothing to upgrade to so a color scheme would be nice) and all it is is zombies coming after you.

I'd introduce something like a harder to kill boss that you have to duck his swings or jump over his attacks maybe every 10 levels to add some excitement to it. It's not bad for a quick time waster though, but there's nothing to really pull me back to the game after playing it once and unlocking all the weapons and upgrades, wouldn't mind a few more weapons either, or maybe more play space, also would mind the action on the screen to be a bit further down instead of right in the middle but that just personal preference, it's not the worst flash game I've ever played especially since the first few minutes were actually quite enjoyable but it could go through some improvements, also the font is really hard to read since it's so small.

Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:

Thanks for playing, that's some good ideas there, thanks for the review