Reviews for "Pixel Volley"

I've just blown half an hour on this game, which mightn't seem like a lot but I could've sworn I have only been playing for five minutes. The comical warning of being highly addicting seems appropriate. I've enjoyed the quirky cast of characters that I have come across thus far, the vibrant retro artwork is a treat too.

I am unsure about the movements of the characters, however. Is it intended that they have a margin of error, in which instance they either fumble the ball, or topple over completely? I can only assume it is as you would otherwise be left playing what would be a 20 minute marathon for one match. If not, perhaps this could use some attention.

The only other thing I could suggest that comes to mind, is adding a few more tracks in game. While there's nothing wrong with the track that plays at the moment, I don't want to be hearing this stuck in my head later on in my day. Overall: fun but slightly frustrating game play. (When blunders happen and you need your crucial match point.) 4/5.

Very interenting and I love the music ajajaja is very fun and the game is low dificul.

The controls are absolutely awful. Everything is just random. You got basically no control of whether your characters will jump to the left or to the right and how high will they jump. You could for example make it like this: 1st character is controlled with wasd keys, the 2nd with arrow keys and then the player would have full control of what he is doing.
Besides, you should make some medals re-checking feature. I just won the wood tournament, but the medal did not unlock. I also see that some people already won more than 10 games and they got no medals for this. Thus: create a re-send medals button or something like this.

FM-Studio responds:

Hi there, thank you for playing Pixel Volley. I think I need to explain some points: Tournament Medals trigger when you won the full tournament, that means win 3 medals and cup (basically you need to win all 4 different game modes).
Also, scoreboard points are not calculated as 1 point every match won but it's a combination of court/net/ball conditions (i.e. the more the match is hard the more point you get). That's probably why you see people with more than 10 points but still no 10 match medal unlocked .