Reviews for "Kill Da Guy 2"

Sorry, but I couldn't get far in this. I just got to the part with the sentence. That was only the screen I could get to. Wait, I got past it somehow. I don't know how. Well, this game is just okay.

I guess it's enjoyable in theory. There's some effort put into it. It just isn't for me. Is it supposed to be like the Impossible Quiz? Well, maybe not as hard.


there is an error you can right click and press forward and you pass that level

I love it so much

Megacharlie159 responds:

oh woah hey I know you from youtube haha

Glad you like my game! It's very old I'm working on a game currently that is like a 100 times better XD

thanks for the review! -Charlie

Finaly! Another Game That's A Sequel! Except Since The Site Updated. The Secret Medals Now Have Benn Updated and as you hover your mouse on them, it still says: Secret Medal.