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Reviews for "Fernando and the Disk of Chaos"

Hey there Sexual-Lobster,

I've been following your offerings off and on for several years. This was actually one of the best ones yet, although I've been following Fernando's exploits in different forms, and I liked the songs with him.

When are you going to put out another movie? (I know you've probably got a full time gig somewhere, but I'll watch whatever the next offering is, when it comes up.)

As usual fantastic gripping action packed storytelling.But needs more gooseman :D

Madness, pure Madness! Excellent job with this. Story was funny and entertaining with the right amount of man-whoring to be considered totally and completely insane! Well done.

I'll also add now that this is still one of my favorites. the animation is top-notch and is very entertaining along with a branching-story through many titles which makes it even More enjoyable with the background on this crazed hedonist! this is just greatness right here; epic quality for the man-whore chronicles!

Also, the music is Fantastic.

I just discovered Sexual-Lobster about month ago and I'm ashamed I didn't discovered him earlier but I'm that I did and I pretty much watched all his videos on youtube. I love his amazing animations and sense of humor too. I hope he will make more videos with fernando and gooseman but I still will love his animation because there unique and amazing too.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thank you!

I feel very confused and unsafe in my own home ;-;
it was funny af though <3