Reviews for "Painted Plummet- Jaiden Boss Battle (UNDERTALE AU)"

jaiden is my favourite youtuber playing this made me sad and almost cry but saying that it was a good game i just wist i did not have to kill her in the game

it's pretty hard (e.g. that firewall attack thingy) I haven't completed it, but I'll rate it a 3 out of 5.

I like the game. But there is a glitch if you heal then go to act you can heal again. But it was fun

It's broken

| Jaiden Boss Battle |
Gameplay: 5/10
Quality: 4/10
Story: 1/10
Length: 2/10
Replayability: 0/10
24% Overall

The first paragraph always tends to be the hardest one to write. The gameplay of this, is, well, lacking to be quite honest with you. The entire style has been done thousands of times over by Undertale fans, and there's a lack of things that you added yourself other than new attacks. The music is far too samey in the sense that I can tell that you used Sans' soundfont. Additionally, Jaiden has some animations that were unironically used in the actual fight itself. The gameplay of this is lacking because of the fact that it's been done before. Anyone who has played, or seen Undertale knows this content all too well.

Quality wise, I feel like there's a bit too much that isn't fleshed out. You can, in specific attacks, get your cursor pushed out of bounds or into the wall and can't take damage. Some of the attacks deal no damage, you say that "due to the sake of simplistic coding", all of these add up together to come off as something that you made moreso as a joke than something fleshed out. It's not bad, but it's not quality nor is it something that I expect when over 50% of the physical process is done for you. The art style is chosen, the combat style is too; You only have to make it work, the creative part of it is mostly done.

This leads me into the story, or whatever bits of story are actually here. Personally, I can't tell if you were trying to go at Jaiden in this or not, but having to "insult" Jaiden is a little... Off-color, so to say? It comes off as almost quite cynical or otherwise dark. While I can't tell you that it's a bad choice, there's a lack of story here. Why is Jaiden here? There's no correlation, nothing to build off of. The only people who understand most of this are people who have played Undertale, which already cuts the niche community on Newgrounds even smaller.

Length wise, I didn't have to heal once nor did I restart at all. I didn't die, and I beat the game in ~3 minutes. You should've tried to put more effort into this, because with a longer story (perhaps something leading UP to this fight), it would've scored much higher on my own personal grading scale. While, as I said above, it isn't inherently bad; It's like you uploaded a piece of a larger picture and said that this was your final product because either you didn't want to do more, were lazy, or what have you.

Replayability wise, that's a zero. There's only one ending, as Mercy is blocked off. You must insult her to kill her from what I've noticed as you tell the player to "Try insulting her" if they don't try it themselves. I always want people to give players a reason to play again, because if someone's a completionist like me, they most likely will play it again to see the extra endings. Unfortunately, a lot of flash game creators don't factor in replayability but for a flash game it should be addictive and replayable. Otherwise, people are just going to click off elsewhere.

In total, this isn't an inherently "bad" game, but I feel like there are a lot of shortcomings that really bring it down. The lack of a story, and the fact that the user is thrown into a ~3 to ~8 minute fight just to basically see "gg lol" and then click off just seems poorly made. With this, the bugs and other clunky design "choices" really bring this back as well. While I understand, or assume, that you're not a "next level" creator like some people here; I'm just giving you things to note and work on. There's not much to praise here, quite honestly, because the things I'd like to praise were laid out in front of you (art styles, for example; Sprites are fairly easy to make for Undertale as they're all in white (for the most part)).