Reviews for "MazeBot"

very cool looking game. plays very smooth, no issues. it's a great concept for a maze game, and honestly, your robot is kinda cute lmao.
the soundtrack for the first batch of levels I played was a bit repetitive, and we all know a great soundtrack makes a great game, but music was there and it didn't sound terrible so right on!!

I'm stoked to see this in a collection at some point, because I know it will do fantastic and deserves a spot.

dynamitewhale responds:

Hi Kyle,

I'm glad you liked it. I think you're right, more variety for music would have been nice. Imagine listen to it for hours and hours when building & testing the game ;)

Really cute game :) I like the kid robot running from his AI mother.

awesome, very good job!
The minigames when fighting reminded me a bit of Undertale :)

CGA graphics? surprisingly good gameplay? you get a 5 good ir

Great Speedrun game. I especially like how your HP carries over so your performance effects your survival. Colors a bit hard on my eyes but manageable. I guessing this color scheme was chosen to help colorblind people though. I like my speedruns to have zombies involved, but I know a few people who enjoy this.