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Reviews for "MazeBot"

very cool looking game. plays very smooth, no issues. it's a great concept for a maze game, and honestly, your robot is kinda cute lmao.
the soundtrack for the first batch of levels I played was a bit repetitive, and we all know a great soundtrack makes a great game, but music was there and it didn't sound terrible so right on!!

I'm stoked to see this in a collection at some point, because I know it will do fantastic and deserves a spot.

dynamitewhale responds:

Hi Kyle,

I'm glad you liked it. I think you're right, more variety for music would have been nice. Imagine listen to it for hours and hours when building & testing the game ;)

Really cute game :) I like the kid robot running from his AI mother.

An incredibly amazing game, the artwork and gameplay is great and the storyline is one you don't see very often. great job!

dynamitewhale responds:

Thank you so much! :)

awesome, very good job!
The minigames when fighting reminded me a bit of Undertale :)

CGA graphics? surprisingly good gameplay? you get a 5 good ir