Reviews for "Neurocircuit 2"

This mind seems very much alive to me!

Really happy to see that you're still putting out crazy stuff like this. Your style has gotten so slick and refined over the years, and seeing new stuff from you in this like the digital claymation-esque bits is incredibly delightful. It may be a hard bargain but man a full short animated in that style would give me all sorts of wonderful feelings.

Keep on truckin man.

Yo, that's some dope shit!

I don't get most of the humor, but nice artstyle.

I was not expecting a compilation. My favorite bits were probably the stop motion parts. It's hard to review something like this. I did like that Looney Tunes outro. Outro? That's really a word?

I don't think I saw the original Neurocircuit. This was for the most part animated very nicely. The humor was very non sequitur. It was certainly unique that way. I'm glad to have come by it.