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Reviews for "Road Rage Trip"

For being one of those launching games its pace is very slow.

I enjoyed it.

Not so bad, also you didn't put anything innovative on this game, this game is that classic Launch-Earn-Upgrade-Repeat genre game. I am not saying (I HATE THOSE GENRE GAME! BAN THIS) but i am just saying that after some time this game gets boring! Improve it!

Aint too bad, can be improved

It's another entry in the Launch-Earn-Upgrade-Repeat genre. If you've played the Burrito Bison series or similar games this will feel familiar.

If you've ever asked yourself the question, "What if I was playing Burrito Bison but instead of crushing gummy bears I was crushing cars on the highway, and what if the overall production value of the game was a bit lower?" then this game would be the answer.

I don't know how it ends. I stopped playing when I noticed that my runs tend to earn a few hundred, maybe a thousand dollars if I'm lucky, and the upgrades costs several thousand dollars. The game was just too grindy at that point.

Not a bad game to waste some time with, but if you've played some of the better ones out there, this one will get boring real quick.