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Reviews for "THE PHONE"

pretty good, only the music is bad, used too much

This game could actually be a really fun, horror game. The look of it is charming and contains an interesting idea. However, the game is lacking a real story and way too short for a save feature. If it was a little bit more developed, this could be really good. There's a lot of potential in this.

this lags so badly i can barely play it. music an graphics seem nice though

emmmm... sorry, what was this? No story, no gameplay, no sense. The beginning with a fourth wall joke was promising, but then it turned into something... meh. Just meh.

Okay, where do I start? This game could've been... good. But instead, you just find a key, you meet and old man, you go into a room, you answer a phone, the end. What i'm trying to say is this game had potential. I'm not trying to upset anyone. That's all.