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Reviews for "My Aesthetic"

I enjoyed this greatly. I really like the music.
The animation was simple, but still a fantastic job. My friends are always talking about their "aesthetics" and It gets very annoying. I laughed. Thanks for that.

This video was my "aesthetic." :D

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Haha that's exactly the point. To show how silly defining someones "aesthetic" is. Thanks for the review.

Not totally sure i get the jjookeee, but i SUPER dig the animation styles and variety, good work

I relate with the bird...

A lot.

That's My Aesthetic, I freaking love this, it's perfect

T H I S I S P R E T T Y G R E A T , T H E A N I M A T I O N S T Y L E , T H E C H A R A C T E R S , B A S I C A L L Y E V E R Y T H I N G A B O U T I T I S R E A L L Y M Y A S T H E T I C , K E E P U P T H E G O O D W O R K .
Signed, Tome.

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Thanks, Tome. Glad you like it!