Reviews for "Shatter"

Wow this is actually really good!! Good job with the EQing and sound design. I like the slow progression. Nice m8.

Noisysundae responds:

Thanks a bunch man. For this track, I spent time working on mastering the most.

I like the intro, though it's really slow. Your samples are on point. I do like the light, airy feeling. the piano is nice. Everything is pretty much spot on. It could use a master, just to give it that extra boost, as long as the dynamic range isn't too bad. I'm a sucker for side chained saws. I really like your clap/snare sample.

I personally wouldn't use as much arpeggio, but that's just me. Over all it's pretty good track. I can hear the effort that was put in.

Noisysundae responds:

I saw you being too lazy to remove the reply. XD

I was thinking about shrinking the intro to about half of its length, but the result sounds weird and rushed. Another thing is, that's the lead saw with a lowpass filter and a heavy reverb, no piano harmed during the production. :P

I keep the loudness of all my pieces within -12 to -13 dB since I've heard about the loudness war. Also, I'm a lot more comfortable working in the lower levels. This piece has -17 dB loudness unmastered, and it makes mixing much easier.

It took me hours adjusting the sidechain, though. It's something you can easily imagine, but hard to make it sounds about right. And thanks for the compliment on the snare. I tried to pick a sample focused in the mid range and threw it into a short reverb. That could be why it sounds like a clap for you. :)

Deep sounds, very representative of the trance style, you make a great use of the filters to create this wonderful ambiance. The instrumentation is great too, I wouldn't change a thing. About this synth at 1:21 I think it's all right, it supports the high vibe pretty well imo.

Great job! I loved that track!

Noisysundae responds:

Finally, the one who notices the filters. I use them in pretty much any sundae I made. XD
And yup, that's the only reason I want to keep the low-pass effect in that part.

I really enjoy this. the beat, the rhythm the overall speed of it. I like to play Newgrounds music mostly trance and techno in the background, seems i found myself another track to listen to.

Noisysundae responds:

Thanks. The sensation of the classics never gets old. :D

I liked this! But, if you will permit some well-intended comment... The intro was awesome, but then it seemed the background wanted to take over front-of-house with instrumentation lacking individuality and sharpness. Just a kind of "muddle of sound" if you get my drift? The constant bashing on a cymbal just didn't do it for me, for example. That said, I think with the above (IMO) faults sorted and a suitable reduction in BPM... this would be a great slice for the price :)

Noisysundae responds:

Find one trance stuff that doesn't do what you said.
I appreciate this review anyway. No hard feelings. :)

Edit : If you mean the synth at 1:21 makes that part muddy, that's true. If anyone else complains about it again, I'll change it.