Reviews for "Ashi Sample"

that is some smooth animation

The subtle hair and eye movements really adds to the animation, keep it up!

even her ass jiggles. i just wish the cumming animation was apart of this too.

Purely playing the critic:
Her right knee is off, the smoothness of the curve bubbles
The guy's elbow is all sorts of wrong
Her pubs look like mountains
the seam of her left knee is too long
The guy's body is completely static.
The shadow on her butt doesn't look right
her right boob is bigger than the left (animation should be symmetrical, real life isn't)
On the fast eye rolling animation her hair moves abruptly.

Provided purely for improvements. It is very good and much nicer than the previous style of Summoner's Quest, but I almost like the older style better, i guess the burr is a bit signature.

Great,but needs audio and cumshot