Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer 2"

gave up after 137.. good game but dang my hand

This game was pretty good/fun, the only problem was a lack of a tutorial since I didn't exactly know what to do XD

is it weird space invaders is my favorite game?
no joke :3

The Game has Saving now.And i have to give it a five star,Cuz its AMAIZING!
Keep up the GREAT work Blobzone,You Amaizing baster (sry if ur offended)

The GUI isn't very user friendly, and I don't mean the Microsoft Paint level of rectangles to section off areas of information. I mean how it looks like I'm looking at my BIOS while I troubleshoot. The colors of the numbers contrast pretty well, obviously it's black and white pixelated text. It's not bad. However, it's just a bit of an eyesore to try and make sense of all the numbers and tabs at the start.

Save, music volume(See how I wrote "VOLUME" not a binary "on/off"?), and the shameless "MORE GAMES!" promo should be in an options menu to reduce eye-sore.. and maybe it could be the classic "Cog" or "Wrench" Icon or something? Not within the area that you're actively clicking to play the game.

I am always a fan of the stats pages, though. Especially in planning games like Idles, but even this one seems to have a problem with putting essential information next to inconsequential data. They shouldn't be confused with one another, because they need to be in different categories.

What's with the arrow keys? Do they just exist to see what you did last? If I'm slowing down from using them to go back, why do they exist? Prestige? Maybe I'd figured it out if I got hooked on the game, unfortunately I didn't.

I understand why others don't like idle games if a game like this is their introduction. It's like throwing an FPS player into an Open-World RPG (E.G Call of Duty player playing an Elderscrolls
game will just try to beat the main quest-line ASAP. They're confused that they didn't beat the game.) they'll never figure it out, because they won't explore. When paired with the fact that you're just dropped into the thick of it without a tutorial, and all they see are numbers moving.. It took me a good 60 seconds to figure out where to click and only that fast because I played Idle Game dev.

Sure, nobody likes tutorials. Everyone complains about them. Except when they don't. That's when tutorials are done right. You don't need to hold everyone single hand, but you need to give us something to work with...

I'm looking at my statistics going up trying to figure out what I am doing right or if I am at all as if I'm trying to defuse a bomb. You can see why it's confusing & sometimes stressful, then?

It doesn't really capture that sense of "COOL NEW UPGRADES!" like Battleground Legends did. I played this idle for maybe an hour went afk and came back to write this, mostly because I didn't really get a sense of accomplishment or progress. There aren't spots where I feel like "Now things will really pick up!" I mean, why do I need a vacation house or a boat? Does a car that isn't dented improving my ability to work from home? Idk. Did I waste money on it anyway? Yeah! So, why am I making videos? To promote my game? Okay, I get it. Now, how do I balance that with everything else? erm.. I don't seem to. So, this is where I stopped. I probably stuck around for the music, and seeing "Ratchet & Clank" on my screen was quite the trip to remember those days on the PS2.

but OH MAN! The music was solid as fuck and it loops flawlessly props to Microsm (I think?)! Unlike the "realistic" clutter sounds of Battleground Legends. In fact, when I left my pc I kept my wireless headset on, it really pumped me up! lol Plus, the nostalgia of seeing all these old games* was pretty nice.

As far as idle games go.. it's not terrible. It's by far not your worst work; that's to say by far not your best. (OKAY, KINDA NOT A TL;DR SO I MOVED IT.) For example, did you know before some breakthrough games like Bloons, ect... Tower defense games were absurdly poor quality? Not many people enjoyed them.

TL;DR I tried to be as clear and thorough as I could. I REALLY believe you have the potential to make idle games to be more popular than the "One-Hit-Wonder" that they are currently (Cookie Clicker, Clicker Hero..). So, I hope I helped you to really master this genre in your next project. Idle games can be SO MUCH better than they are currently.

*You might wanna consider just how many possible copyright infringements are caused by your graphics here, not that it's a negative thing. We all know larger game companies are like big dumb animals when it comes to copyright. They will attack you even if you were helping to promote them.. That being said the nostalgia factor and the music were worth the extra star for you :^)