Reviews for "A pixel Adventure - The rising of Adenocarcinoma phase IV"

Wow, this is a pretty cool platformer! The controls are very responsive and I also like the look of it.
Considering this is your first submission on here, I can only say that you did an amazing job! ;^)

Very good game. It's huge,fun and not very repeatative.But there are few issues:
-bats,as yound said, barely visible.
-2 and 3 bosses kinda suck. Common monsters are more dangerous. 2 boss didn't try to hit me. 3 had hit only once.
-throwing weapons useful only for looting secret zones.Bomb can't hurt anything, except boxes.
-upgrades can't be afforded in early game. But if you will buy final ones, you immideately will become a terminator. It's a little bit imbalanced

Condolences for your mother. She could be proud of you.

What a beautiful game! Thank You very much! <3 :D

game nice and fun really :) Good work