Reviews for "HYENAVILLE | Free Ride"

Art and Voice acting was good. But the animation is lacking.

As for the story, the main character's dilemma of having no ticket and then having to face two over reacting police officers was very interesting by itself. But then it felt like it was all tossed away when you made him this demon thing and just ended the story with a bloody scene. Missed opportunity to create something interesting imho.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback. With the animation, I was hoping to go as simple as possible to cut back on time and get the cartoon out quickly, I'm sure there's some things I can do to plus it without it becoming overly time-consuming in the next one! Ideally I'd like to do a lot of these, so I'm still developing my method.

Appealing designs, excellent storyboarding and nice clear sound. An excellent vignette, tremendous work!

In the end I can't tell if he's good or evil, does feel like... some kind of justice! Super-unexpected twist too, and those ticket machines. Really in everyone's best interest to keep them working. Good stuff.


God damn, that was awesome! Great work on the movements and all the exaggeration! The voice acting was great too.

Very well done. Unexpected and funny. Good combination. Loved it. Animation could use a little work but aside from that its great.