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Reviews for "Space Hummus"

Took me a second, but once I figured it out - OH. THIS IS SO GOOD. EVEN BETTER THAN ON FIRE 10/10. The music is really nice as well, did you make it yourself or is it public domain?

dietzribi responds:

Thanks man!!! Everything (including the music) was made in 48 hours by me :)

This is the best kind of Ludum Dare compo games! The ones where I have to check it wasn't a Jam game made by a team in 3 days! Everything is polished and vibrant in it.

It reminds me of They Need to Be Fed, but I love the twist of how this game is relaxed and allows for multiple solutions. I think the 7th level with the magnets was the least fun because of how hard the last challenge in it was. Still, I had a lot of fun playing overall.

I only wished that you used the volcano planets from the final level more in the game.

super fun!! love the way this looks & plays, just an overall great and simple game!

The intro made me smile. Good enough for a 5 star.

absolutely amazing idea. and he has NO RIGHT TO BE AS CUTE AS HE IS.