Reviews for "Drain"

Good work on this one controls simplistic

Awesome puzzle! Even though it was quite simple, I still enjoyed it a lot!
Very unique and neat idea. Good work! ;)

Interesting game rules.

Such a nice concept, and the graphics are nice to boot.

This is an excellent little "art game", and it's fun to play all around. It's a short little puzzle game where you're a sad, sad bird that "judges" other birds in order to progress through a series of different rooms. As you judge (or get judged) your bird (or the other bird) gets sad, and you may end up losing energy and being unable to progress. The game's by no means hard, but it's so cute and so... sad. I love it.

I really like the cute graphics, and the overall atmosphere set by the music and the environment. The presentation is cute and well made.

Overall, I'm voting to let this one in.