Reviews for "This Land of Ours"

Another Perfect Song

How do you do it? These songs are amazing...Theres just too much to compliment...the only thing, though, in the beginning the violin, or whatever you had playing was a little scratchy upon the start of its playing. The rest of the song is perfect, and I cant wait to hear more! (dont rush though, perfection comes with patience) Another 5 for you, Setu-Firestorm, and may they keep coming with every vote!


very good composition you've made!! creates a picture of endless fantasy in my mind...beautiful...

Very nice

A very peacefull sounding piece. This is very well composed. good work. I enjoyed it


such beauty in this peice it makes me want to cry i lov your songs they are all a beautiful spectacular and engious

to beautiful for words

Veyr nicely done!

I could've sworn though half way through that I've heard a similar melody.

I like alot of your stuff though and keep it up!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

It's possible you heard a similar melody. A lot of my work is usually inspired by what other composers do. Although I DO mimic other composers' techniques (which every composer I've seen interviewed has said they do the same), I don't steal their melodies.

Honestly, though, I've lost a lot of ignorance since the time I composed this, and the part of that that sucks is that I had an inspiration then that I will never have again, and I kinda miss it. Not that I'm no longer inspired, just not that way anymore. This song is much older than its upload date (I believe I composed the "Children of the Sky" pieces back in 2003).

Thanks for the compliment. Take care.